Equatorial Guinea have been reinstated into the fixtures of the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations holding later this month in Ghana. That is the high point of the decision of the Appeals Committee of CAF which met on Wednesday.

The decision threw out an earlier one by the Disciplinary Committee which sat on September 8. The issue surrounded a player, Annette Jacky Messomo who was declared ineligible in the qualifying match that Equatorial Guinea played with Kenya.

Following the initial decision of the Disciplinary Committee, Equatorial Guinea which won the encounter was thrown out and substituted by Kenya.

Kenya took part in the draw made last month and are grouped along with Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia in Group B.

Even though CAF Appeal Board’ decision was silent on Kenya, it is logical to conclude that the East Africans are out. That makes a powerful field of Nigeria, South Africa and Equatorial Guinea in Group B. All three teams are usual finalists in previous editions of the competitions.

Incidentally, the Kenya who are possibly thrown out now, have already prepared for the final tournament and had named a provisional squad.

Their coach, David Ouma had late in October named a provisional squad of 32 players who entered camp on October 29.

Adjusted Group B fixtures

November 18

  • Nigeria vs. South Africa
  • Zambia vs. Equatorial Guinea

November 21

  • Nigeria vs. Zambia
  • Equatorial Guinea vs. South Africa

November 24

  • Equatorial Guinea vs. Nigeria
  • South Africa vs. Zambia




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